Expensive Investments Require Special Care

Real estate is a pricey venture. Protecting it, and yourself from liability, is important. The best way to do that is to call A2B Legal. We are a full-service real estate law firm: we focus our practice on this area so that we can provide the high-quality comprehensive service to our clients.

A Trusted Attorney Can Prevent Issues

No matter whether you are an individual homebuyer, an experienced landlord or an investment property manager, having a lawyer on your team may be the smartest decision you can make. At A2B Legal, we help clients with matters, including:

  • Contract review. Real estate is a serious commitment, and you should be sure that your contracts are ironclad and that you are comfortable with the terms before you sign. A lawyer can review contracts, as well as offer help negotiating terms if necessary. We also handle contract dispute lawsuits on behalf of our clients.
  • Purchase or sale of property. Too often, people rely on real estate brokers to handle these matters, especially with residential property. Unfortunately, that can lead to issues: real estate brokers do have a stake in the transaction, which sometimes means they are not looking out for your best interests, but theirs. There are good agents and bad agents, but you can protect yourself no matter what by finding a lawyer.
  • Landlord-tenant matters, including unlawful detainer suits. A large portion of our practice focuses on landlord-tenant matters, particularly landlord-tenant litigation.
  • Debt resolution. We often help our clients come up with a game plan to handle their debt, and work with creditors directly to ensure the plan is executed.
  • Bankruptcy. In some cases, there are options to save your home or property while declaring bankruptcy, or it may be possible to avoid declaring bankruptcy.
  • Mediation. This is often a good option because it allows both parties to have more control over the outcome. We are skilled in mediation and can help you protect your interests throughout the process.

No matter your needs, it is wise to consult a lawyer who is experienced in real estate law. A lawyer is legally bound to act only in your interests, giving you the peace of mind you need when making these decisions.

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